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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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11 russian diplomats moving day is a scramble to get out of the country by sunday, all while they would be celebrating a sacred holiday, new years. >> usually we would not comment on such matters, but today we decided to make an exception. >> this morning the russian consulate general brought the media in and let his emotions out. he called the expulsion inhumane. >> they will meet the new year while in the air on board of aircraft that will take them to russia. >> there were lines outside the building in pacific heights as people came to handle passport and visa issues. >> she immigrated in her 20s
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and she can empathize. >> because of the time religious holidays were not celebrated but happy new year was always celebrated, i received presents. >> 11 staffers are in scramble mode. they have 48 hours to leave. the move is retaliation for russian hacking and illegally influencing the election. >> we consider this unreasonable and detriment alto the relations between the united states of america and the russian federation. >> putin will not expel american diplomats in response
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to chilly relations. it may not be a cold air but frost is in the air. >> we don't know about each other culture, and that's causing problems. >> the problem for 11 people who worked here is how to get home while missing their holiday. >> they have to pack and leave within hours, they will not given enough time to pack all their things and player to finish their financial matters in the united states and to leave in an ordered way. >> he made it's a point to mention that one of the expelled diplomats accused of being a covert agent is the consulate cook, this year when they have their party, it usually authentic cuisine this year it will be different because the cook is on a plane
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back to moscow. were live, jesse gary. have a great new years. >> they weren't given much time to leave. did they say how long they had been living here. >> it varies, they don't all come together, they all have a certain amount of time they stay in their posting before they return home. that's one of the things he said, they were bitter about, they didn't get to finish their assignment. they won't get to finish their assignment. they have been given 72 hours at the start. two facilities used by russian diplomats were shut down as part of president obama's captions.
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the two estates have been used to play tennis, sail and swim and for intelligence activities. putin announced he will not retaliate against the u.s. for the sanctions. the announcement was a surprised because it followed a recommendation to respond with a similar action. experts speculate that putin is betting on improved reactions with trump. the president-elect said: t-elect said: trump could reverse is sanctions but it would have political consequences. >> if the next president wants to lift sanctions to make it easier to interfere in our elections he could do it but it doesn't make much sense.
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>> a bipartisan group in congress is looking into russia roll in the elections. 200,000 are expected to gather on san francisco's water front tomorrow night. preparations are underway. in years past the area was packed with hundreds of thousands people, with terror attacks overseas san francisco police are on high alert, uniformed officers will be on every block and plain clothed officers will be on alert. >> the bomb squad will be full force, they will go from one call to another call, we get a higher level of calls for suspicious packages and a lot of time it's a backpack left unattended. >> crews got the embarcadero ready installing fences. police recommend public
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transportation, uni will be free. the message don't drink and drive is not new, but by saying it in a new way it will get attention. how they are using "star wars" in the hope that the force will keep their police force keep them off the road. >> someone has star war costumes, the officers thought use them to grab attention and save lives in the process. >> mountain view police have a new announcement, they will be on the lookout for drunk drivers and no one is above the law, not even darth vader. >> how much have you had to drink. >> i've had only two. >> that mind trick doesn't work on me. >> they hope using humor will hammer home that it's never to
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drive under the influence. >> how to incorporate humor. why not "star wars." >> in a galaxy far, far away or in the bay area, there were options behind getting behind the wheel. cal trans, and muni are offering free rides and aaa is offering free tows. >> it's like the best time of the year. >> it's the option of taxis, uber or lyft. he would rather have a drunk passenger than a drunk driver. >> you never know who will skip the red light. >> the designated driver. even darth vader could have used one. >> mountain view police will
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have stepped up enforcement in case someone gets swayed by the dark side. >> hopefully people will not drink and drive. >> expect lots of officers on the road and plenty. dui checkpoints. most public transportation with the except of bart will be free this new year's eve. tonight california highway patrol officers across the state begin their crack down on drunk drivers, the maximum enforcement period begins at 6:00 p.m. and continues until midnight monday morning. more officers patrolling and increase in drunk driving checkpoints. the question is how is the weather going to be, mark is
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here to give us a look, expecting more clear conditions. >> for the firework shows, it will be good. one willing thing we're tracking is tomorrow morning a chance of showers. you will see a system, one heading to southern california, that's not the one we're watching, this guy to our north, clouds moving into the north coast, they are pushing into the bay, low clouds and fog, we're expecting overcast first thing tomorrow morning. this camera has changed rapidly, here's the forecast model. we'll put this into motion. clouds and the possibility of a shower saturday morning 7:00 a.m., the bulk of the coverage with showers offshore. we'll clear things off into the afternoon hours. we say hello to 2017, looking
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good as we wrap-up december 31, 2016, partly cloudy skies for the evening hours, 7:00 53 degrees, by midnight temperature in the low to mid- 40s, san francisco 45 degrees as we head into sunday morning. a new year, a lot to talk about next week, real cool temperature approaching the bay area. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> download our weather app, you can be prepared as you head out tomorrow night. the past year has seen no shortage of crime stories. we'll look back at those cases. >> 2016, another year of crime headlines, they all happened in the bay area. >> in february the body of shelley washed ashore in
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fremont. her husband had planned to kill himself after killing his wife but he changed his wife. after his wife's remains were found he jumped off the bay bridge. >> you may remember spray painted in gold the chp arrested him for dui. the mantled officers he was covered in gold because he was coming from a photo shoot. in april the ninja burglar carried two swords. the bay area police sex scandal in may, dozens of officers were accused of misconduct with the caw of a police dispatcher. >> in may 15-year-old pearl pinson was kidnapped, the
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suspect 19-year-old fernando castro kass killed in a police shootout. pearl has not been found. >> in june betty was beaten by an intruder. she works at rosie the riveter national park, she received a replacement coin and a letter from the president. >> in september bruce miller was accused of using a cane to attack a 70-year-old man and his son. miller went to the wrong rheumatism 49ers released miller hours after the incident. in november carlos was stabbed and set on fire. her friend and the boyfriend were arrested. the boyfriend became jealous. that month a transgender woman was arrested in a triple
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homicide. dana rivers was charged with 1257ing and killing wright. and then setting their house on fire. >> two inmates escaped from jail by cutting through steel bars. a week later chavez was found. campbell was arrested at his sister's house after he fell through the attic. >> ray lot of the cases are pending in the courts. i'm a mancariing a brief -- man carrying a briefcase is attacked in san francisco. the search for the thieves. what are two pairs of steph curry's shoes worth. the auction just ended. a helping hand when a
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mother and son sneaded it -- needed it. they were living in their car, but a chance meeting changed that. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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. tom baker has the story of how this mother and son are given a new start for the new year. >> victory is a professional lucky to be living in the motel thanks to the kindness of
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strangers. she was evicted by family members who wanted to sell the house she was in. >> it was awful. especially with a 10-year-old, i never expected to have to live in a car. and have your family, they disowned us pretty much. i don't know what i've done, but what did he do. >> they have been living in this car for 1 1/2 years in friend's driveways but more so on the voters. >> parking lots for the night. breakfasts are at fast food restaurants where bathrooms is where they wash up. on december 13th someone asked the sheriff office to dispatch deputies to check on the boy. >> i was at three by five place
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when they came. >> you want to make sure the boy is okay, in this case he was being cared for but living in the car. >> i thought they were going to take my son. >> what happened? >> they didn't. they just helped. >> responding depps -- deputies chose to pay for a room and buy them grocerys. >> what we found out about victoria and her son, they are trying hard to get out of their situation and couldn't do it. mom works a full-time job, been through hard times. has not give and up. her son goes to school every day, and it put a lot of strain on her. we needed to do more and get her back on her feet. >> the deputy sheriff association and the homeless
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advocate raised 10000 to get her into an apartment and fix her often inoperable car. >> she's a great mom. >> this is a symbolic christmas 33 retrieved from a dumpster from a homeless mom. >> it could happen to anyone. it could happen to anyone. >> you can help too. >> and we have, if you would like to help, we have posted a link on and click on web links. what a great story. a beautiful story. she's doing so much now toe get a boost. >> gracious of the deputies not the press charges to allow them to keep the family unit
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together. this time of the year other families head to the sierra for a holiday getaway and ski resorts are looking for a boost in business. >> this weekend snow is expected. john what's going on? >> you know, temperatures are dropping and got a lot of activity, everyone is getting ready for the celebrations. >> people are heading up this weekend, how is the snow right now, more is expected tomorrow night. >> the snow is great, skiing like springtime, cold in the morning, and we have a ton of terrain, all but summit lift running right now. people are having a blast. that shot of snow has helped. >> in terms of traveling up there, during the christmas holiday there were traveling restrictions, you had to have chains, are we seeing that now?
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>> not at all. clear roads on 80 and 40, should be like that until saturday or sunday when we have another storm again. >> john, in terms of over all business how important is the christmas and new years holiday in terms of the bottom line. >> absolutely crucial. >> we are going to have to leave it, we are having audio problems with john. it looks beautiful at the tahoe ski resort, more snow this weekend. let's go to mark at the weather center. >> they will get a few inches, maybe borderline winter weather advisory. last week they picked up 1 2 to 18 inches. i once had the tradition going
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to the mountains every new year's weekend, and also great memories, isolated snow showers for saturday and a chance as we head into sunday as well. temperature for afternoon highs in the mid- to upper 30s out toward sierra. we had rain, focus to the south toward southern california, our next rain producer is a chance for tomorrow morning, it up along the north coast, it does not look impressive. mostly for saturday morning. showing you 40s in fairfield and 49, santa rosa 50, san jose in the upper 50s. here's the overall weather pattern, cold air setting up to the north. for tomorrow disease 31 --
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december 31, very cold, monday, tuesday, wednesday, the colder air will be wednesday, we could be talking about snow levels down the 1000 feet. by tuesday a surge of warmer air, it may go up tuesday, if everything holds together until wednesday we could have a rain/snow mix closer to sea level. that's how cold it will be next week. we're concerned for tomorrow, wrap-up 2016, clouds out there, the possibility of pop-up showers with the highest chance to our west, into saturday evening and sunday morning it will be try and -- dry and most of monday will and dry. sunday night and monday moisture moves in.
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if you thought it could be cold we'll bring it down a few levels. temperature in the 50s. mid-to upper 50s out there. we have the clouds in the morning. it could be breezy as well. the five-day forecast, here it is as we wrap-up 2016, dry tomorrow night. a chance of height showers into monday and cold showers tuesday and possibly into wednesday, no umbrella needed tomorrow night. >> we'll check back with you, high 20s and low 30s. >> we'll talk about that. one lucky bay area lottery player will start the year with a lot more money. reusable bags making people sick, the study released and what is causing it. >> improving twitter.
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weand sustainability goals asool one of our top priorities.mental i definitely rely on pg&e to be an energy advisor. anything from rebates, to how can we be more efficient? pg&e has a number of programs, to help schools save on energy. when i see a program that fits them, then i bring it to them. with the help of pg&e we've been able to save a tremendous amount of energy and a tremendous amount of money. we're able to take those savings and invest it right back into the classroom. together, we're building a better california.
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. the ceo is missing after a plane disappeared last night. john fleming was flying with his family and friends on board when the plane disappeared. they had just left the cavaliers basketball game. three adults and three children were on board. the coast guard suspended the search today. today marked the last trading day for 2016.
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the dow closes at 19762. the dow posted a 13.4% gain. the s&p was down but year to date it gained 9.5%. a lottery ticket word more than $1.8 million has been claimed. lottery officials say he matched five of six numbers in the big drawing missing only the meganumber. owners of the creek side cafe will get $9,000 for selling that ticket. coming up, he watches a teenager break through the ice and moments later he rushed into action. >> he yelled help me, and i got
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on my belly and crawled to him. >> a way area man risked his life to save a 13-year-old boy. thieves attack a man outside a jewelry center and get away with his briefcase full of jewelry. the search is on for hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen jewels. >> steph curry helps the community, how he's raising money for those who died in the oakland warehouse fire.
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. thieves attack a 72-year- old mancariing a briefcase -- man carrying a briefcase full of jewelry. more on this street robbery, henry. >> it happened within moments outside a wholesale jewelry center in the mission district. >> 72-year-old victim was parked outside the san francisco jewelry center on utah street. he had a briefcase near the trunk of his car when he was ambushed the robber ran to a waiting car with three other men inside. the suitcase contained jewelry
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worth $400,000. no one at the jewelry center wanted to talk. there were jewelry cameras at the front desk. police don't know if the robbers had been staking out the business. >> it too early to tell if he was followed or they were waiting for the opportunity, but regardless the location, you have to take that into consideration when you're dealing with valuable contends. >> police have only a general description of the men and their car. no arrests have been made. jewelry dealers should consider skipping visits if they see anything suspicious. a member of a south bay family is home for the holidays after a frightening ordeal. this malamute puppy was stolen occuring a craigslist sale.
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two men attacked the dog's owner inside his house. the victim was beaten with brass knuckles and shocked with a taser, detectives worked to catch the robbers, they tracked down two young men and arrested them and the police were able to return the puppy just in time for christmas. >> i think it was the holiday weekend that got us inspired to do this. this poor family violently robbed from them the weekend of christmas. it's kind of left a bad taste in our mouths and we wanted to fix that. and solving the case felt really good. it was our own christmas story. >> andrew cavanah and raymond gonzalez have been arrested and face robbery, kidnapping and assault. they are held in santa clara county jail. consumer confidence high,
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people are not worried about their jobs and the mlk says millions more are -- mlk says million -- president-elect says more are coming. a former direct of of the employment development market. he says the year began with 16.2 million payroll jobs in california. we've add more putting the total at 16.6 million. and california has gained 2.5 million jobs. last year at 5.9% unemployment. today it's a 5.3. >> year in our 81st month of
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employment expansion since 2010, and this is one of the longest employment exchances in -- expansions in california since world war ii. there's nothing suggesting it can't continue. >> business services such as accounting and human resources, construction and leisure and hospitality. >> our manufacturing sector that's often said to be dead we have 1.25 million jobs. >> with 4.6 unemployment nationwide, does the nation and california have enough people to fill the millions of new jobs that trump promises if. >> we do, and we have the training capacity between the work force boards the community colleges and the other jobs. many of the new jobs are part-
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time without benefits and steady employment. however, if and when more permanent jobs arrive many in the less than traditional jobs will find full time positions. >> we're seeing that, wages will go up and there's no question that as the labor market gets tighter we'll see wages driven up. >> automation is killing off some jobs, if technology follows the traditional path it will lead to more, newer and better jobs in the future. steph curry auctioned off two pairs of shoes and raised $45,000 for victims of the oakland warehouse fire. he wore one pair of shoes pregame which went for 15,000.
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the other went for $31,000. it was a nail biter in texas. stanford takes on north carolina and it comes down to the football plays of the game. see if the cardinal were able to hang on. a new life and a new home to ring in a new year, a man who was homeless for 20 years changes his life.
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. stanford and north carolina take it to the final plays in the game in the sun bowl, it was a nail-biter in texas. >> mark ibanez with more on than -- on that and sports. >> powell games can be a letdown, but this was a great game and not everybody thinking the stanford season was a great success. christian mccaffrey not on the scene. facing the top quarterback. 1st quarter no score, he's hitting switzer, on the money. 19-yard touchdown. later in the first, finding love, he's the guy that
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replaced mccaffrey, 49 yards for a touchdown. 7-7. looking good, tackled and injured on the play. he would leave, he suffered unspecified knee injury, he did not return. runs into an official. you have time to look closely. the official knocked the ball loose. he pokes the ball free. fourth quarter. picked off, it will never be easier on a pick six. 2point conversion no good. watch showing the moves to escape the stanford pressure. into the end zone for bug howard. great play, they need the two point conversion, stanford says
5:43 pm
you're not going to do that again. they sack him, no 2 point conversion and the cardinal win 25-23, nice conclusion to their season considering what they've been through. with mccaffrey not even making the trip. he's getting ready for the nfl draft. >> is that just a precaution. >> didn't want to play in the game, he's got millions of dollars at stake. i understand that. >> he didn't go to watch. >> a few eyebrows were raised that he didn't go out to emotionally support his teammates. >> we'll get our investigative squad on that. >> any predictions in games. >> i'm hoping alabama does not win at all. that's all. i know your for washington.
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people thinking bama by three touchdowns. >> the huskies can be competitive. >> upset alabama all is good. he yelled to me, help me please, at that point i belly crawled to him. >> a man risks his life to rescue a teen that fell through thin ice. he got the suit and remote for christmas, all he needed was instructions. a job he wants some day. can't wait to see that. our forecast, we're talking about the possibility of pop-up showers for tomorrow morning, it will be dry tomorrow night, a significant can't drop of on -- significant drop off in temperature.
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. breaking news, notes berry farm -- knott's berry farm, this ride was stuck in the air, looks like a worker is trying to figure out what's happening with the ride. orange county fire said the sky cabin was stuck with 17 people on board, as the crew investigates we'll keep you updated on the rescue mission on air and online. a bay area man hailed a
5:48 pm
hero. he witnessed a teenager fall through the ice. he rescued a 13-year-old boy. >> complete strangers were wrought together at the -- brought together at the right moment. >> i was walking across the lake, i wanted to see what was on the other side. i had not been back there. >> my sister-in-law was scared. she's from here. >> the 13-year-old walking 100 yards along fragile ice when it gave in. >> i would try to get out of the hole and the ice would keep bank breaking. >> he yelled help me please. i got on my belly and belly crawled to him. >> there was never a moment i fell it was going fine until we
5:49 pm
were off the ice. even when i started going out there i felt fear. >> my legs starting to really freeze up, i couldn't feel my toes. >> lake valley fire allowing us to experience the dangerous conditions in a safe environment. suiting up to hear the ice cackling below to the spot where the teenager fell in. wednesday's close call now a sobering reminder. >> if you look at the lake it looks frozen over. with the rapid warming temperature it fluctuates every day. >> two complete strangers bonded by a memory. >> at lake baron, vickie gonzalez. >> good story. he is only 3-year-old but a
5:50 pm
boy in alabama is following his dream to a green screen. >> meet woods mcfarland, he got a suit. he wants to dress like his favorite weather man, jason smith. a video giving a forecast went viral and the station invited him and his mom to the station. >> he came in. >> i decided. >> right son. >> he wanted a costume like the man on tv, the black costume with the thing around his inbounding and the remote -- neck and the remote control. woods received a lesson on how to use the screen to give the forecast. >> that's adorable. i wanted a suit for christmas. >> he's only predicting springtime. >> what do you think about
5:51 pm
that. mark? have you met a someone like woods mcfarland. >> some of the weather kids. you get the letter, that's a promising future for him. >> 3-year-old. people another home don't know the green screen. he stands in front of the green screen and points at the thinks. >> he looked handsome in the suit. take a few math classes he's set for a bright future. as far as the weather it was a nice day, lots of sunshine, over the past few hours you noticed clouds. two things i'm watching, rain showers to the south, you can see the dip in the jet stream, and the possibility of a shower first thing tomorrow morning. right now most of the bay area reporting partly cloudy skies.
5:52 pm
current numbers right now we have santa rosa 50 degrees, livermore 56, san francisco 51. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning partly to mostly cloudy skies, the clouds will begin to mo out of the region -- move -- partly cloudy, low 50s. by 4:00 fair skies, temperature around 54 as we head into the afternoon hours. we have the cold air mass to the north. that's the key beginning tomorrow. morning clouds with saturday with a chance for showers in the morning hours, very cold, monday, tuesday, wednesday, we see the systems once or twice a year, this is not a normal cool down, with that snow levels coming down to a thousand feet. maybe a rain-snow mix. look at the lows, a few spots
5:53 pm
in the 20s and highs in the mid- to upper 40s. here's the forecast model. showing the clouds, possibility of a pop-up shower to the west, in the afternoon and evening hours, partly cloudy skies, dry sunday night, and a chance of the sprinkle in the north bay, temperature tomorrow, mainly in the 50s for afternoon highs and a look ahead, you can see the blue boxes, 20s and 30s, the highs in the 40s and 50s. watching the shower chances for monday, tuesday, wednesday, dry tomorrow night. he's spent decades on the streets, now a bay area man has a home to call his own. >> it's overwhelming. i can't believe it's happening. >> coming up next, a lesson in perseverance and the bay area
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nonprofit that made it happen.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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amber lee reports on how he turned his life around. >> i was just really excited hoping i would get it. >> in this apartment building
5:57 pm
is christopher miller's first apartment in two decades. >> a studio. >> it's overwhelming. i can't believe it's happening. here's the kitchen. >> he shows me his new apartment. the refrigerator and the tow. >> what have you cooked. >> a big staak. >> he's -- steak, he's 49-year- old. he became homeless in his 20s. he graduated in 86. he worked as an apprentice electrician. but an addiction caused homelessness. >> at first i was sleeping under the freeway overpasses and pick up cans and bottles. >> he became a fix your -- fixture in union city panhandling. but a year and a month ago he
5:58 pm
reached a turning point. >> i didn't want to die out there, i saw a couple friends literally die. >> miller asked for help and that led to drug rehab and a stay at a homeless shelter, then he got a job. samaritan house a nonprofit helped miller with temporary and then permanent housing, finding him this parliment his case manager post -- apartment. it was this human moment with this thing to witness. >> she describes the change as remarkable, that it's difficult to find permanent housing for the chronically homeless. >> you have to want to change. >> and you did. >> yes. >> takes hard work. it takes patience. >> he has a long-term plan, he
5:59 pm
hopes to use his experience to help others with drug and alcohol addictions by becoming a counselor counselor the russian consulate speaks out after president obama expels russian diplomats from the u.s. rescue efforts are underway for 17 people stuck on a ride at knott's berry farm. the ride is stuck 125 feet in the air right now. moments ago we saw crews trying to get to the bottom of what's going on. we'll continue to monitor the
6:00 pm
situation. in queens new york crews are battling a four-alarm fire. it started an hour ago. several roofs have collapsed. at least a dozen stores are on fire. there's no reports of injuries. staffers at the russian consulate in san francisco are rushing to pack up and leave by sunday. usually we would not comment on such matters. >> this morning the russian consulate general brought the media in and let the emotions out. he called the expulls inhumane. >> they will meet the new year while in the


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